As the situation regarding the COVID19 is changing rapidly and drastically we want to inform you that we from c + s will of course stay at your side during these times via email and phone.

Stay healthy and strong - together we will go trough this!

When you want to bring the best on board,

c + s relocation ensures a smooth transition.

Top professionals are not always in the area, nor are ideal jobs. In order for the right person to find the right position, a lot needs to match up. With c + s, you can be sure that the transition goes off without a hitch, right down to the smallest details.

When it comes to a change in location, branch office or a personnel transfer, c + s relocation management gmbh has been supporting and assisting globally operating companies since 1987 in all questions of mobility management on a national and international level.


The name c + s stands for competent Consulting paired with concrete Services. We therefore pursue a comprehensive approach in our capacity as assistants and consultants. This is the only way to ensure a comfortable and advantageous transfer in any relationship, both for you as a company as well as for the expatriate and their family.



Your company employs international specialists and executives or plans to do so in the future?

We create the conditions for a successful recruitment of foreign workers

We advise you in all official procedures

We accompany you through the complete relocation process

We take over the cost management for you

We train your HR




You are international workers and would like to integrate yourself professionally and privately in NRW?

We support you in your job search

We take over the qualification precheck

We guide you through the visa process, work and residence permits

We assist with housing

Of course, we also take care of your family



From our offices in Düsseldorf, we concentrate on North Rhine-Westphalia, particularly within the metropolitan areas of Aachen, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen and Wuppertal.

Together with our national and international partners, we offer a complete “one-stop-shop” service palette in Germany as well as around the globe.

We support your expats and employees with joy and empathy while offering both comprehensive service and organisational competence.

c + s relocation management specializes in relieving employers in all relocation processes.
After a contract of employment is signed, we'll make it easy for you: we'll take care of all the bureaucratic work necessary before and until your new employee starts working.

So that you are legally protected we take care of:

  • the organization of the entry visa with all necessary acknowledgments
  • the application for the work permit
  • the procurement of the residence permit




Onboarding: Attracting and retaining the right employees

In the competition for skilled workers, you can of course rely solely on top salaries and benefits - the most expensive way to persuade your employees and retain them for the long term. But even a generous relocation bonus does not relieve the new top employee of the hassle that a single-handed relocation entails. Collecting information, making decisions, thinking about and getting done a thousand little things - all this takes away the energy that is actually supposed to flow into the new task.

For the employee, his social environment plays a decisive role in the decision for his company and in his sustainable commitment. The easier it is for them and their relatives to move and the more comfortable they feel in their new environment, the more likely they are to come and stay.

We clear your employee's mind to make a difference from day 1.

We inform you, get in touch with us.


Would you prefer to recruit talent internally? Some things can be better done yourself, when you know how. c + s supports your HR department in relocating talent within your company. Tailor-made, in a cost and time efficient manner, all the while keeping you in the loop.

 In-house consulting - We’ll be glad to come to your offices

The c + s consultant will come directly to your company. Prior needs analysis makes it possible to tailor circumstances to the specific case, thereby saving costs and time. For more info, just ask!

Establish a training programme for human resources relocation management at your own company

HR is frequently the decisive factor for a company’s success. You’ll find great seminar and training modules by c + s to help you deploy resources optimally in order to meet your business goals.

c + s offers in-house seminars, workshops, tests, and conferences specially tailored to your circumstances.

From introductory seminars in relocation management to later specializations in fields like expat management, project work, or intercultural training, you’ll find everything you need with c + s.


If you want more information, please don`t hesitate to contact us.




Your access to the international labour market

Demographic change is causing a shortage of skilled workers on the domestic labour market that will not be reversed in the foreseeable future. If the success of German companies is based on quality and innovation, then the competition for skilled workers and managers determines the limits of their corporate growth.

Nevertheless, many companies shy away from accessing international potential. German HR Executives are professionals in dealing with the local labour market, but the recruiting of employees from EU third countries requires special know-how. Already the formulation of the job description can decide whether a filling can be formally legally successful.

Whether visa, residence permit, work permit, blue card, family reunion or settlement permit - we know our stuff.

For every individual vacancy, for every individual applicant.


As part of a global relocation network, c + s guarantees you optimal service around the world.

Inbound or outbound, c + s coordinates all relevant relocation processes and is available as single point of contact for all questions you may have.

Office search

Office space search, setup, and inauguration:

c + s assists in the search for suitable office space and buildings. We carry out lease agreement negotiations all the way up to signing and coordinating all requisite payments; in brief, we take care of everything from handover to furnishings for the object.

Group move

Company and department relocations:

c + s will support your HR department in all questions regarding relocation, including all aspects regarding the move as well as transactions with government agencies and, of course, the housing search.

Company apartments

Leasing and management of housing:

c + s will find locations that align with the company profile and recommend them accordingly. New and interim tenancies will be organised, inventory and repair lists will be checked, and regular cleanings will be arranged.

Intercultural training


Our network provides us with access to the most renowned trainers in this field. Our intercultural programmes are tailored to your needs, offered both in advance and at the new site.